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StealthEX: Your Number One Crypto Exchange Platform



StealthEX is a non-custodial exchange platform that provides crypto enthusiasts with an opportunity to do instant crypto swaps. StealthEX’s main feature is privacy as the name suggests, and the service uses an exchange model where its customers are not required to provide personal details to exchange digital assets. Many cryptocurrencies are listed – the service offers over 450 asset choices.

StealthEX is not only meant for exchange services: you can also purchase cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card. Users can buy crypto without KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures if the transaction value does not exceed €900. However, if a customer would like to purchase more, they must provide identifying information before they can complete their transaction.

StealthEX is easy to use both for beginners and professional traders, and its user-friendly interface processes swaps quickly and without delay. The platform does not provide you with a crypto wallet, so you should have one or create one before starting an exchange. This way, it’s perfectly safe to do swaps via StealthEX and the service guarantees its customers absolute security. No one will be able to hack into a wallet using only its address, which is the only thing that StealthEX customers give away when they do their swaps. The platform charges you a small fee per swap, yet the network fees associated with the transaction can be quite high. Though StealthEX has nothing to do with these, the platform provides its customers with as much information as possible, including an estimate of possible costs, so that they can make an informed decision. You can also read more information on the most popular questions in the StealthEX FAQ.

StealthEX Services

Different crypto platforms offer different options and interfaces: they can be elaborate and provide you with a multitude of charts and tools. These are great, however, it’s easy to get lost in this jungle of features and they often lack privacy offered by StealthEX. StealthEX, on the contrary, has a simple and user-friendly interface that offers you two main options that any cryptocurrency investor requires: buying crypto with fiat currency and swapping crypto coins.


The platform does not require you to sign up, which is great when you have little time and need to do a quick swap. The process of exchanging cryptocurrency on StealthEX is very plain: the exchange can be found on the main page of their official website. All you need to do is to click on the drop-down menu and search 450 digital currencies, eventually selecting the ones you want to swap. You’ll also need to insert the amount of crypto you would like to exchange.

Once you insert all the details, StealthEX will display the estimated amount of crypto you will receive, and if you’d like to exchange an exact amount, just click on the lock next to the exchange option – and you’ll switch to a fixed exchange rate. Click on ‘Start Exchange’ to proceed to the next step. Input the wallet address you want to be topped up with crypto. StealthEX will use its algorithms to search for the best rate across various platforms and complete the exchange for you. As a rule, your wallet will be topped up with your preferred cryptocurrency within half an hour. You can also find the guidelines on the official StealthEX website.

StealthEX offers a number of cryptocurrencies that you can purchase using your debit/credit card. Among them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Algorand, Basic Attention Token, Finance USD, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, and Tether ERC-20. To buy one of these, select ‘Buy’ on the main exchange page, select one of the cryptocurrency options and click on ‘Start Exchange.’ Then input your wallet address just as when exchanging crypto. All transactions are facilitated by StealthEX partner, Mercuryo. Following this, a pop-up window from Mercuryo will appear where you will need to specify your card details. The service will take a little time to process your transaction, and after this, your crypto will arrive at the address you provided.

As you can see, the process of swapping and buying crypto is pretty much straight-forward, and it’s also a great tool for all those who value their privacy.

Am I Safe when Using StealthEX?

First of all, the StealthEX platform features a model where you don’t need to provide any personal information when making a swap, so you don’t need to be afraid of someone stealing your identity. A crypto wallet is also safe as you’re only sharing its public address. StealthEX works as an intermediary, so it is not responsible for any transactions within your wallet.


Customer Always Comes First at StealthEX

At StealthEX, customer satisfaction is number one priority. The customer service is available 24/7, and you are welcome to contact its representatives via chat option, e-mail, an online form, or in Telegram.

How Much Does StealthEX Charge for Its Services?

A customer will have to pay a small fee of 0.4% of the total amount of the cryptocurrency you are swapping. It’s a moderate fee, however, network transaction fees for exchanging crypto should also be taken into account. These are sometimes also referred to as ‘gas fees’ and can be really low or really high depending on how busy the blockchain network is and what type of crypto you’re trying to exchange. Let’s not forget about crypto trading fees on the side of the liquidity provider – sometimes you will have to pay those, too. There’s no limit for a minimum exchange, so you need to have enough crypto to cover all the fees associated with your swap.

StealthEX Features:

  • Privacy-oriented: The service does not require any personal details, and it has no limits, so it’ll be great for those crypto enthusiasts that are dealing with a large amount of crypto funds.
  • Quick transactions: It only takes as little as 30 minutes for your crypto to arrive when you are exchanging fiat money for crypto. Generally, cryptocurrency exchanges are processed in a span of 5 to 30 minutes. This estimate depends on the network a particular customer is using, blockchain conditions, trade availability, etc.
  • Intuitive design: The website is super easy to use – it’s exceptionally intuitive, and its minimalistic interface is perfect for beginners in crypto trading and rookie holders.
  • Requires no registration to make a swap: You can, however, register on the platform to receive a complete history of your transactions.
  • Supports over 450 asset options across multiple exchanges: The platform offers a multitude of tokens and coins, including the most popular ones, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Polkadot, DASH, etc., and lesser known, for instance, Maker, Rainbow, SPARTA and even sports tokens, such as Manchester United Fan Token, Santos FC Fan Token, Lazio Fan Token, and many more.
  • Education on crypto: StealthEX blog covers a variety of topics, including cryptocurrencies, blockchain, price predictions, and much more. Both crypto beginners and experienced traders will benefit from a variety of topics discussed in the blog.
  • Lets you buy crypto using a debit/credit card: And it’s a great addition to crypto swaps!

StealthEX Summary

StealthEX offers a highly intuitive design and easy-to-use platform for facilitating crypto exchanges. It’s an excellent service that both crypto pros and newbies will find useful, and its helpful fee estimates will be appreciated by many. StealthEX lets you do instant crypto swaps across 450 digital coins while also maintaining your privacy. StealthEX is a platform that can be trusted with crypto assets.


Dani Romero has a legal background and has been involved in research works for the legal and compliance industry. Writing is his passion, centered on topics such as the blockchain and finance. His largest crypto holdings are Solana, Ethereum, and BNB Token.


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